Payroll Outsource

With the IR35 changes due on 6th April 2021, now is the ideal time to consider a PAYE payroll outsource. We carry the expertise and the overhead and you only pay for what you need, reducing the costs and removing the headaches. Contact us for more info




Payment Summaries

Streamlined Process

BACS FIle Creation

Run by our experienced ex-recruitment Payroll Manager, who is used to processing 2500+ temps per week. We don’t do anything other than PAYE and we’re proud of that. We act as you under your PAYE scheme, process the payroll information and provide you with the payment summaries, payslips and BACS file ready for payment. We facilitate the payroll but all payments are made directly from your bank giving you no exposure.

Now Including Benefits & Rewards 

Our brand new benefits and rewards now included as part of the Payroll Outsource package. This exciting new feature will give your temporary workers access to a wide range of vouchers and cashback opportunities at the UK’s leading retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, attractions and more, regularly renewed, offering an average annual saving of over £1,200 a year.

The timing of this feature is perfect for the recruitment sector with the upcoming IR35 changes as of 6th April 2021.


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